The why’s to visit Thailand is never-ending. Thailand would not stop at offering you the best local life experience but also render tenderness through its amazingly secluded islands. From Thai food to Thai culture, everything is commendable and leaves you wanting for more. Are you still having second thoughts about which travel destination to choose? However, before choosing to visit Thailand, it is necessary to have a clear idea of all the visa guidelines and book your Thailand visa online. Here’s a Thailand visa complete guide to answer all your queries-

Thailand visa types for Indians

Thailand tourist visa online

Indian tourists and travelers can now apply for a visa from India to Thailand online. Depending on the purpose of your visit, you can choose to apply for tourist or business visa. Let’s consider the intended duration of your stay is less than 15 days; and the purpose of visit it strictly tourism, you can easily apply for a Thailand E-visa. The application process is simple and you can upload the required documents from the comfort of your home. At Visa2fly, we assist you with everything related to your travel and make it simpler for you. So, are you ready to Book your Thailand visa online?

Whether it is a transit, tourist or business visa, we guide you from start to end to ensure maximum success of getting your visa on time. The types of visa include business, tourist, and transit visas. When we explore the tourist visas then we have options like, 90 days single entry visa, 15 days single entry visa, and 6 month, multiple entry visa.

You can apply for this visa while seeking a non-work trip. We have single-entry e-Visa, single-entry sticker visas, and multiple-entry sticker visas as well.

  • The validity for a single entry e visa is 90 days while of sticker visa is 15 days.
  • If you choose a multiple-entry visa, it would be valid for six months. Thailand Business Visa- There are two types of business visas that are offered. It includes a single entry visa or a multiple entry visa. The validity for both these visas is 90 days.

Thailand visa online

Visa Validity

Let’s check the validity of the Thailand visa online-

  • Thailand E- Visa on arrival- Thailand tourist visa online allows a stay of 30 days. Moreover, the e-Visa On Arrival is valid for a single entry only.
  • Thailand Sticker Visa- This could either be single or multiple entry depending on the purpose of your visit. The validity of each is 90 days and 3 months respectively.

Thus, after having the relevant information, Book your Thailand visa online soon.

Essential Documents Required for Thailand Visa Application

Here are the following documents you need to carry with you

  • Valid passport with at least two blank visa pages
  • Two recent colored passport-size photographs (35mm wide by 45mm high, without any borders taken against a plain white background)
  • An ITR certificate for the last one year.
  • In the case of self-employment, a six months bank statement is needed.
  • Balance of Rs.75,000 per adult or above signed and attested by a bank official
  • Carry your flight tickets
  • In case you are a student or infant, then a student Id or birth certificate should be carried.

Which airports in Thailand provide E-VOA service?

At present E-VOA is available at 4 airports in Thailand as listed below:

  • Suvarnabhumi International Airport
  • Don Mueang International Airport
  • Chiang Mai International Airport
  • Phuket International Airport

How to check the Visa status?

Once you sign in to the dashboard, and fill out the form, then you get to go to the booking section. Here under your application, you can check the visa status. This is done by visiting the official visa website of Thailand. Therein, you need to find the visa tracking option. Then, fill in the details including the passport or acknowledgement number. Thus, your visa application would be displayed on the web page that follows. One of the following statuses can be shown.

  1. Visa Applied in the Embassy
  2. Additional Documents Required
  3. Document Resubmission Required
  4. Document Resubmission Required
  5. Visa Rejected
  6. Visa Approved

What is the visa process?

If you fill out the application for an e-visa, it is obtained on the registered email. After the document verification, the processing takes place. This is followed by providing you with a Thailand visa online or a doorstep delivery, as the case may be. This process takes up to 4 to 5 days though sometimes it can take more than 4 days, depending upon the embassy.

How can Visa2fly help you?

Thailand visa Complete Guide

Are you still unsure about how to Book your Thailand visa online? Do you need any assistance with the Thailand Visa application? Well, a piece of expert advice has no substitute. Our experts are here to provide you with 24*7 dedicated support for the visa process. From filling out the application form, and booking flight tickets to having travel insurance,Visa2fly will handle everything. And, this Thailand visa complete guide just makes your task simpler.