Switzerland is among the most breathtaking and picturesque natural destinations, with stunning scenery. With the stunning Alps sprawling across the landscape and old towns adorned with beautiful castles and alleyways, there are many experiences to choose from. Since you are an Indian citizen, it's now time to get the Swiss visa to start your adventure. This guide will assist you to start your journey to an easy trip to experience Switzerland's natural beauty and rich culture.

Switzerland Visa For Indians

On the 23rd of June in 2021, the Swiss Government voted to accept fully vaccinated travelers of third-world countries. It is now possible to apply for the Switzerland Tourist Visa from India. This means that the Switzerland Embassy in New Delhi is currently waiting to receive your Switzerland visa application. You must obtain an approved Switzerland Tourist visa prior to traveling to Switzerland without any doubt. This will permit you to remain for 90 days over the course of six months to explore Switzerland and the world beyond.

What is a Switzerland Tourist Visa?

Switzerland Tourist Visa, commonly referred to as Switzerland Schengen visa, permits you to travel to Switzerland for events, tourism, or visit family/friends.

With the Single Switzerland Schengen visa, you are able to visit all of the additional 26 Schengen countries of Europe. It is possible to make a Switzerland online visa application with the Switzerland consulate only if:

  1. If you are planning to spend the longest amount of consecutive days within Switzerland
  2. If you're spending the same amount of hours in Switzerland as in other Schengen states, the Netherlands is your primary point for entry.


  • You must be covered by Schengen-approved insurance prior to applying for a Schengen visa.
  • It is also required to present your fingerprints to the consulate if this is your first time applying for a Schengen visa or if you haven't been to Europe within the last five years.

At the Immigration:

  • You will need to show the following documents when you apply for immigration -
  • Original passport
  • Tickets for a return flight, Hotel bookings, or Invitation letter from invitee as proof of your accommodation
  • Travel Medical Insurance, Travel Insurance
  • In addition, you could be required to submit evidence of your funds as well as other information about your trip.

Documents needed to apply for Switzerland Schengen Tourist Visa

  • Original Passport with minimum six months validity, and at least two blank pages
  • Switzerland visa application must be filled in and signed
  • Two recent passport-sized color photos with matte or semi-matte surface covering 80% of the face with a white background, and no border (Size 35mm 45mm x 35mm).
  • Personal covering letter with complete travel itinerary (Sample personal cover letter for Switzerland Schengen Visa)
  • Original bank statements for the last three months, with attestation from the bank (Online not accepted without a bank seal.)
  • Form 16 for the last three years
  • Confirmed Flight Tickets
  • Hotel Reservations
  • Travel Insurance (minimum coverage of EUR 30000)

When you have provided all of these necessary papers to the Embassy, the application process will move on for further processing. It only happens in the event that you qualify. Therefore, make sure you don't make any errors when submitting the documents. After verification, your visa will be accepted or rejected in accordance with the procedure. You must get all of your documents at your Swiss Embassy. Instead of entrusting an additional person to collect your documents, you can go on your own. Yes! It is not allowed to ask a third party to get your documents verified.

Cost of Switzerland Tourist Visa

  • If you are an adult applying for the Switzerland visas, the cost is INR 7,200.
  • For youngsters (6-12years) for children between 6 and 12 years old, the cost is INR 3,600.
  • Children under six years old.

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