Switzerland is your go-to destination for stunning alpine scenery and charming towns that ooze fairytale charm. The towering snow-capped peaks that rise up the Alps with sparkling blue lakes, emerald valleys, glaciers, and beautiful lakeside hamlets infuse the landlocked country with a fairytale-like beauty. So, if you’re looking to travel to Switzerland, then you must apply for a Switzerland tourist visa in order to do so.

Tourists come to Switzerland for the jaw-dropping landscapes and the numerous cultural experiences. The desire to discover is inexhaustible, and a myriad of Swiss tourist attractions provide unique experiences to travelers.

Top 9 things to do in Switzerland

From remote towns to bustling capital cities and snow-covered landscapes and tropical weather, these are the top 9 spots to visit in Switzerland -

The Matterhorn

Matterhorn Mountain is located in Switzerland. Matterhorn Mountain is part of the Pennine Alps in between the boundaries between Switzerland as well as Italy. Being the jewel of the Swiss alps because of its nearly perfect pyramidal form, it is a famous destination for sightseeing for both adults and kids. There is also this tiny village of Zermatt that offers a stunning view of this mountain. You can take the train to the summit itself in order to experience a unique view.


Jungfraujoch, being the highest railway station on the continent, is situated within the Jungfrau as well as the Monch mountains and stands 3,4500 feet above sea level.Views from the top stations in Europe are breathtaking. The 360-degree panorama from the Alps will leave you gasping in amazement. The beauty of the snow-covered scenery will surely leave a lasting impression on your memory.


Interlaken is a mountain resort town located in the Bernese Oberland region, which is located near Lake Thun and Lake Brienz. Bern is the perfect town in terms of the best places to go to experience adventure in Switzerland. There are skydiving, river rafting and trekking opportunities where you can explore firsthand the mountains and rivers in the town. If you’re a fan of tranquil activities, the city is your go-to choice. You can also make up for relaxing natural viewing excursions in Lake Brienz and Lake Thun that are surrounded by towering mountains.


Lucerne is a city in Germany located in central Switzerland and is famous for its ancient architecture. The city streets of this region will make you feel as if you have stepped back in time to the days of kings and knights. From the Swiss Museum of Transport to the Lion Monument there are a myriad of places that you can visit downtown. Explore the old streets of Old Town to immerse yourself in the ambiance of this beautiful city. It is located on the shores of Reuss, which makes the city a stunning view.

Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva, also regarded as the largest lake in the nation, is a crescent-shaped lake that lies between France as well as Switzerland. The tranquil lakes of this lake give stunning views and make the water appear like a perpetual mirror. Enjoy a stroll to the edge of town for amazing views of the lake from this European city's medieval-style, old-fashioned architectural style.

Château de Chillon

Chateau de Chillon is a medieval castle built on an island in Lake Geneva near Veytaux. It's not often that you can claim to have had a chance to visit a real-life Disney castle; however, it is possible when you travel here. This historical landmark from the medieval era is an absolute sight by itself. However, add the stunning panoramic views surrounding Lake Geneva as a backdrop. The entire area is definitely on the top of the list for unusual things to see in Switzerland. Visit the inside as well as the gardens of the castle and feel like you're into that period of the 14th century. There's the bedroom that has been preserved like it was originally, and you can see underground vaults, precious old paintings, and much more.

St. Moritz

St. Moritz is a mountain resort town that is situated inside the Engadin valley and has been the venue for the Winter Olympics twice. Apart from being an iconic Olympic area, the town also offers breathtaking views of the lake and mountains for those who want to get fit while on vacation. Running or jogging are only a few of the activities for free in Switzerland that you'll enjoy in the city's stunning trails. The town is known for its surrounding mountains, within which there are more than 350 kilometers of terrain that is specifically designed to be skiable.


Bern is known as the capital of Switzerland constructed in the Aare River, renowned for its rich and rich medieval past. In the middle of Switzerland, the hopeless lovers are bound to become enthralled by architectural styles dating back to the Middle Ages, the crystal turquoise waters of the Aare River, as well as bridges of beauty that connect the city. Explore the most fountains you can. The Swiss town is called the "City of Fountains" for the number of fountains that are scattered around and some dating back to over 500 years. Fountain hunting is among the most interesting and affordable options for activities in the local area.


Zurich is the biggest city in Switzerland. It is situated in the north-central region of Switzerland and is also famous for its pre-medieval past. High-end living, luxurious living, and the best chocolates available await you in this lavish Swiss city. Its diverse mix of historic and urban districts makes it an ideal destination for those looking to learn about the past and explore the past of medieval Switzerland as they shop. One of the favorite activities you can do in Switzerland in the evening is going to bars. There are numerous open-air bars that are located in town and offer breathtaking panoramas of the town and adjacent rivers.

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