Famous for its mythological past and ancient ruins, beautiful beaches, and delicious cuisine, Greece should be on each traveler’s bucket list. Greece has its own unique set of stunning scenery, culture and historical sites. We at Visa2fly are excited to help you plan your next trip to this beautiful country. Keep on reading to know all the necessary information regarding Greece tourist visas for Indians.

Where can you obtain a Greece Visa for Indians?

For Indian citizens, you can apply for a Greece visa from India online at the official site of the Visa Application Centre (VAC) to schedule an appointment. It’s a safe process and is designed to assist you in planning your trip more efficiently and make it easier to get your visa at the counter for submission at the VAC for Greece.

After filling out the application form, you will need to take it to print, complete, sign and take it along with the required supporting documents to an appointment with the VAC. Also, your biometrics (10 fingerprints and digital photos) will be collected. Be aware that a personal appearance is required for all applicants, regardless of age. This is a requirement for biometrics.

Different types of Greece Visas for Indians

Schengen visas are required in Greece, and you can apply for them at the Greece Visa application centre:

(Schengen is the area located in Europe, which comprises 26 European countries. They have all abolished passports and all kinds of border control in accordance with their mutual agreement.)

Visa for short-term stays: It is valid when you plan to remain in Greece for no more than 90 consecutive days.

Visa for long-term stays: It is required if you intend to remain in Greece for more than three months. The visa is valid for reasons such as study, work or academic research, religion or scientific family reunion celebrations, etc.

Documents Required for Obtaining Greece e-visa for Indians

It is important to note that the Greece Embassy/Consular Office holds the authority to obtain all the necessary documents and might even call for an interview. Therefore, here is the list of Greece visa requirements for Indian Citizens you could require to submit your application

  1. You’ll need to fill out, download, and then fill in the visa application form on the official site of the Visa application centre.
  2. Passports valid for three months from the expiry date must be at least two blank pages and should be issued within the last ten years.
  3. Photocopies of passport’s front and the last page.
  4. Two-colour passport-sized photo (3.5 by 4 centimetres) with a white background, but not longer than a photograph that is older than six months. The face and ears must be easily visible, and it should be taken on high-quality paper.)
  5. The complete itinerary, including Return (or round-trip ticket), hotel reservations, campus residence reservations or, if the person is planning to share a room with a person, the proof of sponsorship or private accommodation provided by the host.
  6. Evidence of financial condition – The bank statement for the three months in the past, income tax return for the past two years, payslips for the last three months, stamped and signatures by the institution.
  7. Travel Insurance that has minimum insurance in the amount of EUR 30,00000 (INR 23,60,966).

The necessary documents and a filled-in signed visa application must be delivered at one of the Visa Application Centers in India. Alongside the fees required and some additional charges imposed by VAC for Service Fee.

  • Visa charges for adults – INR 4200
  • Fees for Visas to children younger than 12 years old – free

After you’ve applied, you’ll be able to see the status of your application online via the official website using the assistance of the receipt number.

Travel Insurance for Indians Going to Greece

The applicant needs to purchase insurance for travel before you apply for a Greece visa. Indians because it is among the conditions to apply for the Schengen visa.

Here are the conditions to get Schengen Travel insurance

  • The minimum coverage shall be INR 23,60,966, including medical evacuation/repatriation.
  • It must be valid throughout the time you are within Schengen country. Schengen country.
  • The insurance company has to maintain a representation office within European Union countries in the event there is a need for.

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