How does a holiday to Dubai sound to you? Can you imagine glamour and luxury? Because we do the same when we think about this vibrant country. From shopping malls to museums, there is everything one needs for a perfect vacation. So, why don’t you book your Dubai visa online for a breathtaking getaway?

You can enjoy a leisurely stay at one of the best hotels, and shop at the Mall of Emirates. You will have the best time of your life once in Dubai. So, do not let anything else get in the way of your planning a trip. Moreover, a Dubai visa for Indian citizens is easily available if you know the details.

dubai visa online

We are here to make the details simpler. So, let us walk you through a few important points regarding the Dubai visa. The three visa services provided online are-

  • Tourist visa
  • Business visa
  • Transit visa

1. Dubai Tourist Visa for Indians

The tourist visa is a single entry facility. It allows a stay of 30 days. And it remains valid for the same number of days. The standard visa processing takes around 4-6 days. But, if you opt for an express Dubai visa online, the process takes only 2-3 days. Adding insurance coverage with the visa is also an available option.

So, a few documents required to apply for a Dubai visa are-

  • Passport with a six months validity from the date of entry to Dubai
  • Scanned copies of the PAN card
  • Photographs with a white or grey background

Once you have the documents ready, contact the visa booking agency. Moreover, the agency completes all the formalities- the application, the interviews, and the travel insurance. You can create an online account. And at every step, we will be at your service.

2. Dubai Business Visa

The business visa permits a stay of 14 days in Dubai. The validity is for the same time. Moreover, you can always choose express processing for your visa if the business is urgent. Express visas are processed in 2-3 days. On the other hand, standard processing takes 4-6 days. Additionally, the documents to be submitted for your Dubai visa online are the as in the case of a tourist visa.

3. Transit Visa

The third type of Dubai visa for Indian citizens is the transit one. There are two options available-

  • Transit visa that allows a stay of 48 hours
  • An alternative one permitting a stay of 96 hours

The documents required are- a passport, PAN card, and photographs. Additionally, the applicant has to submit not only the arrival but also the departure tickets. For additional visa booking queries, you can always reach out.

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dubai tourist visa for Indians

Gather just four simple documents and you are all set. Say goodbye to all of your stress and book your Dubai trip. So, what are you waiting for? This is your golden chance to visit Burj Khalifa and shop at the Mall of Emirates. All of those articles you have been reading will now help you travel around the country. You cannot say no to the tour of a lifetime.

With Visa2fly here to assist you at every step, book your Dubai visa online. So that you do not regret it later on. Because Dubai is your best bet, especially during April-June. For prior assistance, contact us.