It is not wrong to say that the fun you can experience in a country like UAE is endless. You should not delay booking your UAE visa online. From the top-notch buildings to the best sites, there is everything. Moreover, fun events like the popular December Shopping Festival prove to be a bonus and nothing less. However, UAE follows Islamic culture and there are certain said and unsaid rules, that you need to know before visiting UAE. It includes some basic etiquette that you should take care of while visiting the Middle East.

In this blog, you’ll learn the tricks that you can follow to make your trip seamless, and memorable. Read on to find more.

10 things you need to know before visiting UAE

Top events in Dubai

1. Plan your trip six months before

Better planning requires time. Booking your tickets in advance for six months is optional but would help you plan better. Moreover, numerous international airlines release their ticket at an economical price when booked months before. Therefore, you can search for the dates and your planned months at the airline you prefer. Although it takes around 4-6 days for the UAE visa to process, to make your trip smooth, book your UAE visa online well in advance.

2. Dress the right way

The basic idea of the ‘right dress’ is not something highly covered but at the same time not revealing. When visiting UAE, one should avoid wearing too tight and too revealing clothes. It is advisable to choose an outfit that covers your shoulders and knees. As far as the female outfit is considered specifically, women can wear shirts, T-shirts, and even cultural dresses like suits and more, but they should appear modest.

3. Research your Accommodation

Which month do you prefer to visit UAE? Which hotel should you choose? There are numerous options and alternatives available for people who desire to go to UAE. Therefore, conducting a cost-benefit analysis of your preferred hotels and more is always a good start. So, book your UAE visa online soon.

4. Respect the culture, especially during Ramadan

It is quite known that UAE follows Islam culture. Ramadan is considered to be the holy month for Muslims. Abiding by the culture, there is hardly any shop selling liquor in this holy month. Nevertheless, there are no restrictions on tourists to eat during Ramadan, but they should avoid it in public places. It is also advised not to drink water in public during Ramadan. This is a gesture to show respect for the tradition.

5. Mindset of Equality

When we visit a country, it is important to have a degree of knowledge about its ideologies. Dubai follows a strong sense of equality by upholding women equal to men. This is one of the most important things you need to know before visiting UAE.

6. Publically Eating

We being grown up in a different environment and culture, view public eating as normal. However, when it comes to UAE travel, and especially the UAE public transportation, eating is considered offensive.

7. Drugs and Medication

Items that contain an element of drugs, including opium seeds are banned in UAE. Drugs and medication are not allowed in UAE. When it comes to personal medications, never forget to take your prescription with you during your UAE travel.

Top events in Dubai

8. Visiting Period

Dubai does not experience extreme winters like India. Therefore, when visited during October and April, the temperature would not be too hot. At the same time, you could experience some rain showers, making your trip more pleasant. Hence, plan your trip and book your UAE visa online soon.

9. Liquor Consumption

There are certain things that need to be taken care of regarding alcohol consumption. Even though it is not prohibited in Dubai, there are restrictions on being drunk in public. Moreover, one should always have a pass to purchase liquor and it should be purchased from a licensed shop only. Alcohol in the Middle East is expensive, but one can buy it from the airport(duty-free). This again comes with some limitations on the quantity and is checked at the airport.

10. Clicking Images Guidelines

UAE is quite different when it comes to taking pictures. It is not alright to take pictures without permission during your UAE travel. Therefore, you have to make it your habit to take permission before clicking a picture. Also, capturing Muslim women, airports, public buildings and more should refrain.

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Top events in Dubai

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