Fancy Beaches in Summer? That too in Thailand? Woah! The best plan for getting salty and beachy. Get your sunscreens & pack your bags. By the way, have you applied for your Thailand Visa online yet? Applying for a visa nowadays is simpler and easier. We will tell you how. But for now, let’s explore some cool beaches in Thailand that you must have on your bucket list before planning to travel.

A Step ahead to witnessing the Top beaches in Thailand

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1. Railay Beach

Located at: Krabi

Known for: Rock Climbing and Luxurious Nightlife.

The White-sand stretch is one of the best beaches in Thailand. Mostly visited to snorkel and to enjoy the thrill of cliff jumping. But how can the nightlife be missed? The fun at Black Pearl Railay is rare. Loosen up with live music by locals, you can only enjoy this vibe in Railay.

2. The Phu Beach

Located at: Koh Kood

Known for: Nature, a historical island full of Culture

You will have to touch the Islands of the South. Also, Phu Beach is one that can’t be missed. There are plenty of things to explore in this place. So make sure you have booked your Thailand visa online to spend at least three to five days.

3. Thong Nai Pan Yai Beach

Located at: Surat Thani

Known for: Sunrise spot for best Sunkissed pictures.

This beach is a perfect spot for a barefoot walk. And turquoise water deep enough for a smooth swim. This place will be your best swimming spot. Though swimming spots on the islands are usually quite shallow; making it ideal for beginners.

4. Kata Noi

Located at: Phuket

Known for: Toothsome food & Scuba diving

It’s one of Phuket’s best beaches in Thailand and the most aesthetic one. A soothing vibe with clear water, jungle backdrops, and soft sand is something inescapable. So without waiting, apply for your Thailand visa online. And discover what you have been missing so far.

5. Sunset Beach

Located at: Koh Chang

Known for: Partying and Partying!

Home to many musicians and party animals. This beach becomes more lively as the night gets deeper and deeper. Watch fire dancers, and jump to the beat of the best music around the beach; a solid getaway plan.

6. Laem Tong Beach

Located at: Koh Phi Phi

Known for: Popular Water Sports

This place is meant for entertainment and entertainment. Popular water sports include snorkelling, kayaking, and scuba diving along with beach volley, football. But what will amaze you is Thai cooking class. So, be assured, it won’t be a so-so usual beachy trip.

Best beaches in Thailand

7. Sai Kaew Beach

Located at: Koh Samet

Known for: Jaw-dropping views

Sai Kaew Beach is an ideal destination for a perfect weekend getaway. Life is just effortless here! And the morning walks, afternoon naps, and massages last a little long. So get prepared for a lazy and soothing weekend.

8. Karon Beach

Located at: Phuket

Known for: Panoramic Sea view

Amazing snorkelling, best diving spot with spectacular parasailing. A decent choice for fine dine and nightlife. A big beach with big hotels giving you enough space to live and breathe. The best time to travel is between October and March when the weather is moderate.

9. Maya Bay

Located at: Ko Phi Phi Lee

Known for: Stunning limestone cliffs and hidden lagoons

This beach is simply just beautiful. This is a place that drew a lot of attention when Leonardo’s de Caprio was framed in the movie “The Beach”. To put in simple words, a piece of heaven. No wonder this beach is considered to be the most famous in Thailand.

10. Bottle Beach

Located at: Koh Phangan

Known for: Peace and Serenity

No, you will not get free beer bottles here.

It’s the only beach that you can reach by boat. And that makes this place so unique. Rarely touched, this place sets the best for your quality time with your special ones.

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Top beaches in Thailand

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