With an abundance of luxurious resorts popping up along the stunning coast, Sri Lanka is witnessing a significant increase in tourist numbers from across the world. The Ministry of Tourism of Sri Lanka has undertaken various initiatives to develop the tourism industry further. If you're looking to visit Sri Lanka, we recommend that you visit during the off-season, between May and August, to enjoy peace and tranquillity on the beautiful beaches. This article will provide all the information that you need to know about Sri Lanka visa requirements for Indian citizens, as well as how to apply for Sri Lanka e visa.

Before proceeding to the Sri Lanka visa application process, you must make sure that you're an eligible applicant to apply for this visa. There are a variety of ways to get Sri Lanka tourist visa from India. The majority of the time, the application process is completed online, but the visa can be obtained at the time of arrival too.

There are numerous benefits of this permit. The holder can explore the country, go to the many Buddhist shrines and temples, participate in cultural excursions and other leisure activities. The validity of the permit may vary depending on the procedure which is applied. If you have ETA applications submitted prior to your arrival, the applicant can obtain one entry, a 30 day permit or a multiple entry permit which allows for the stay for 30 days during your visit. If you get it upon arrival, you will receive the 30-day one entry visa. Remember that having an entry visa doesn't ensure that you will be able to cross the border. If the border guards find issues with your permit or personal information, you may be asked to return.

Online Sri Lanka Visa

Indian travellers who want to travel to Sri Lanka will have to apply for an e-visa, also known as electronic travel authorization (ETA). In January 2012, the Sri Lanka government introduced a new ETA Visa for a short trip to Sri Lanka. Travellers from all over the globe can apply for an electronic visa in Sri Lanka online without having to go to a consulate or an embassy. The price of the visa is approximately INR 4,500. It takes about 24 hours for processing and permits the applicant to stay as long as 30 days.

How do I apply to get a Sri Lanka Tourist Visa for Indians?

The Sri Lanka visa for Indians can be issued electronically in advance. Tourists can apply online for an ETA. The authorization to be admitted to Sri Lanka is further communicated via email. The applicants will receive their visas by email, following the completion of the application form with all required information and after an online credit card transaction is complete. The whole process is swift and simple. E-visas for standard use are issued within three days. However, be aware that sometimes there may be unexpected technical issues that could result in delays.

Documents Required to apply for Sri Lanka e visa

It is recommended to keep a copy of the ETA acceptance with you in order to be shown at the point of entry to Sri Lanka. All ETA holders must satisfy the following conditions at the point of entry:

  • A passport with a minimum of 6 months validity starting from the date of departure. At least two unopened pages to stamp entry and exit.
  • A recent passport size photo. The image should be at least 4X6 centimetres. It should also include at minimum 80 percent of the surface of the face.
  • A confirmed return ticket.
  • Personal bank statement from the past three months stamp by bank.

Sri Lanka eVisa Processing Time

After you have spoken with your OTA and have decided on which eVisa or ETA you want to go for, all that is required to do is pay to cover the visa fee and an agent's commission on the internet. You then upload the required documents to the agent so that they can forward them to approval by the High Commission. In the case of Sri Lanka eVisa, the processing time is anywhere from 24 to 48 hours from the moment of sending the documents online to your OTA.

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