India is among the major countries that are a major source of European Tourism. According to a study, with more than 10 million Indians traveling to Europe each year, this number could increase to 20 million people by the year 2022. To boost the number of tourists visiting Europe, the EU has relaxed its visa rules too. If you’re looking to apply for a France Tourist visa from India, then this article will surely help you out. .

What is the Schengen Area?

Schengen nations or Schengen areas is a collection of 26 members of the European Union signed an agreement known as the Schengen Agreement. In this agreement, anyone who holds a Schengen visa is able to stay or travel without restriction between these 26 countries for up to 90 days or three months.

France is also among those Schengen state members. As an Indian passport holder as well as an Indian citizen of birth the applicant must apply for a Schengen visa through The France Embassy.

If you want to plan a European tour, you will need to apply for a temporary Schengen tourist visa. This visa generally comes in two varieties: Type A and Type C. Based on the type of visa application you're applying for, you'll be granted access to one country or several countries.

If you purchase a Eurail pass for travel between France towards Switzerland and then onwards from Switzerland to Italy, you must make an application to the consulate or embassy of the country stating where you'll stay for the longest duration.

How to Apply Online France visa:

Apply for a France visa from India in just three steps:

  1. The first step is to schedule an appointment at the official visa website of France.
  2. Download the France Visa Application Online and fill it in correctly.
  3. On the appointment day, get interviewed and verified with your passport and documents

Schedule An Appointment

We strongly suggest that you make an appointment one month ahead to ensure everything runs smoothly. The earliest date you are able to apply is three months prior to the departure date.

The Submission of France Visa Application Online during the appointment

When the appointment is set, you are then required to go for the appointment in person. Be sure to take the time to gather all necessary documents, including the application form that you have filled out at the time scheduled for the appointment. Answer all questions related to your trip with confidence to make sure you submit a successful application.

In the interview, you'll be asked questions regarding the reason for your visit and what it is you are doing. Make sure you have everything you need.

France Visa Required Documents

While there could be some additional items in this essential list according to the country you're visiting, these are the documents you're expected to carry with you:

  • Application Form: This form needs to be downloaded from the official website. It is also possible to complete it online and print a hard copy.
  • Two passport-sized photos - The photos should show the whole face, with ears visible, and should be clicked against an uncolored background. Around 70-80 percent of the image must be filled with the person's face. It should be 35mm by 45mm in size and have a matte appearance.
  • Passport and copies of any previous visas Your passport should have two blank pages.
  • Cover letter -The cover letter should describe the reason for the visit as well as the schedule.
  • Round Trip Flight tickets - The tickets should state dates, and the date of entry and the point of exit.
  • Evidence of accommodation
  • Travel Insurance that guarantees a minimum of at least EUR 30,000 (INR 23,15,616.75 approx.) and is serviceable throughout the entire Schengen region.
  • Tickets for travel within the Schengen zone (if appropriate)
  • A proof of citizenship - A birth certificate should be sufficient.
  • Bank statements - they need to have an amount in the amount of EUR3000 (INR 2,31,596.33 approximately) over the last six months. If you don't have the amount stated in your account, you could present an official statement from a relative or guardian along with a note stating that they have arranged for your travel and stay. The bank statement has to be authenticated through the institution.
  • Income Tax Returns from the last three years
  • A contract of employment, along with an employee leave notice (if it is applicable)
  • Letter from the university: This must be with an ''NOC'' issued by your university (applicable just to undergraduate students).
  • Pension statement (applicable for those who are retired)

Online France Visa Processing Time

The time to process the processing time for a Schengen Visa is approximately ten to fifteen working days.

Pay the costs

After officials have reviewed the visa application form, you will be asked to pay the amount for your visa. It can be made in cash or by credit card.

Note: The visa fee applicable in INR is determined by today's exchange rates. The fee is subject to fluctuation as per inflation.

If you follow these procedures, there is the possibility that you'll be granted a European visa without a hitch. If everything goes as per the guidelines, you'll be able to plan for Europe and visit popular destinations such as Switzerland, the UK, France, and Italy.